If You See This in the Parking Lot at Work, Watch Your Back

Encouraging you to see this as a normal perk of success is as common as it is perverse



Photo by jae park from Pexels

At the waning end of the tech bubble, I worked for a company striving like crazy to be … not great, not meaningful, not impactful, but definitely profitable.

They built a fancy building in a hip, movers-and-shakers-work-here neighborhood with the requisite parking deck, which was packed from day one.

Get there after 8:30 a.m. and you’ll be slow-rolling and praying someone leaves early.

There were plenty of free parking spots, but they were behind an exclusive key-card gate. Those spots sat unused, while you madly texted you were going to be late to your meeting because the part of the deck available to non-Royal’s was full.

Knowing parking was in short supply in this famously gridlocked city, “Leadership” cordoned off a convenient chunk of the parking deck for the executives. Naturally, it was well-stocked with Porsche’s, BMWs, Mercedes and other status mobiles that were too good to be in the mix with the plebe’s tainted beaters.

There’s a scene in the popular Netflix series, The Crown, in which Royal Private Secretary, Tommy Lascelles straight up Z-snaps the Queen.